Conveyor Maintenance Division in Mount Isa



Repairs & Maintenance

From design and installation through to routine maintenance, HardRok Engineering in Mount Isa can provide a range of specialist services for conveyor systems. We can develop, install and manage a conveyor operating and maintenance system to optimise conveyor performance. We can also assist in the design and development stages of conveyor systems for use across a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Conveyor system installations are complex and need to be individually tailored for the most efficient and cost-effective operation. The first step in planning the design is to carry out an on-site assessment of operational requirements and limitations. Since regular system management is crucial for optimum performance, a maintenance and servicing schedule can be arranged for regular inspections, fixes, and general maintenance for your industrial conveyor system.
At Hardrok Engineering, we are distributors of various conveyor belts and components and hold stock for emergency repairs.

Our services & products include:

  • Belt supply and install
  • Supply & Overhaul of Pulleys/Drums
  • Hot & Cold Belt Splicing
  • Gearbox, idler and pulley changeouts and overhauls
  • Belt & conveyor system management
Maintenance — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD

We can also arrange a regular schedule for existing conveyor systems

We will ensure the system is set up for optimised performance for your specific facility and operational needs. We are available 24/7 for any emergency that may happen on site in this area and have the flexibility and ability to reduce response time. For those who are our customers we also carry stock of their conveyor belts, reducing down time by eliminating the waiting time when belts need to be replaced. Our quick response team is always on standby, ready to provide repair and replacement services as they are required. Contact us for more information on any of our services, or to arrange a quote or consultation.