Engineering Services in Mount Isa



Site, Conveyor & Lining Solutions

HardRok Engineering in Mount Isa provides a range of welding, fabrication and related services for mining, construction, industrial and other heavy industries. Our service areas include Mount Isa in North West Queensland and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. The workshop at Mount Isa is fully equipped and we also have a site services division to provide emergency repairs, maintenance and engineering solutions on-site at your location.

Fabrication capabilities

Fully equipped at our workshop for steel and aluminium cutting, welding, and general fabrication as well as rubber lining, painting, and other related services, we can provide a wide range of fabrication and engineering services under the one roof. And we regularly add new machinery to our workshop to increase our fabrication capabilities.

Currently, the workshop is fitted out with the following fabrication equipment:

  • Full length bridge crane
  • Rail & trolley sets
  • Machine shop equipment
  • CNC plasma dual head cutting machine

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Metal Cutting — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD
Response Repair Service — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD

Repairs & Maintenance

HardRok Engineering provides repair services for heavy industry machinery, mining and quarry equipment. Experienced with bucket and tray overhauls, conveyor installation, rubber lining chutes and pipes, we have a skilled team who can carry out a range of specialised technical work, as well as looking after the long-term maintenance requirements.

We have a quick response repair service available 24/7 to assist in the event of a sudden breakdown. Our lengthy industry experience means we can diagnose and solve problems quickly and efficiently across a vast range of applications.
Two men looking at plans — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD
Our fully equipped workshop is specifically set up to accommodate the engineering and fabrication requirements of the mining, construction and general heavy industries. We are continually expanding the capabilities, adding new tools and equipment to broaden the scope of our services and operate more efficiently.
Conveyor — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD
We provide a full scope of installation, repairs and maintenance for conveyor systems, tailored to suit the specific requirements of the client. Our comprehensive field support service covers all aspects and is available 24/7 for emergency breakdowns.

Site Service Division — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD
A team of site compliant and qualified, multi-skilled trades people make up our site service division and can assist with many on-site services and repairs. Construction and maintenance crews are available for quoted and schedule of rates work in specialised fields.
Rubber Lining Division — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD
Fast and effective hot and cold rubber lining, vulcanised bonding and relagging services are available in-house. The workshop is equipped with an Autoclave machine and specially assembled heating boxes for cost-effective rubber lining solutions.