Rubber Lining Division in Mount Isa



Professional Lining Services

HardRok Engineering in Mount Isa provides rubber lining services for industrial and commercial businesses in North West Queensland and the Northern Territory.
Comprehensive in-house hot and cold rubber lining services available:

  • On-site rubber lining
  • Auto clave machine & boiler
  • In situ relagging of conveyor drums

The Autoclave has a capacity of 6.5m long x 2.2m diameter which should be capable of handling most hot lining situations. Larger items can be heated using specially assembled heating boxes, this provides a more cost-effective solution for rubber lining requirements.

Rubber availability:

60 Duro – Type 1610 – 3mm, 6mm
40 Duro – Type 1483 – 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm
Other sizes and colours are available on order

We provide rubber lining services for a range of different types of equipment, including tanks, pipes and chutes.
Rubbers — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD
Industrial Rubber — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD

On-Site Lining

If the objects to be lined are immobile, we can complete the work on-site at your location, rubber lining your on-site machinery, parts, and equipment without having to transport it to our workshop.

Due to limitations on the equipment available for ... Read more
Hot & Cold Rubber Lining — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD

Hot & Cold Rubber Lining

Depending on the use of the equipment, rubber lining needs to hold up against extreme temperatures. We provide rubber lining for hot and cold applications such as boilers, pipes, and chutes.

Many rubber lining projects can be completed at a lower ... Read more
Rubber Lining — Welding & Fabrication in Mount Isa, QLD

Rubber Lining Options

Many customers use the 60 Duro or 40 Duro type rubber, but we do offer other types and colours to suit your specific requirements. We can source all types of rubber for your lining projects, as long as enough notice is given to place the order.

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